AT Games

Below you will find a list of games and applications that can be used with students attending the Seashell Trust

All the games have been developed by the Royal College Assitive Technology Department, please contact them if you have any feedback or technical queries

Please note that these games are designed to work with Google Chrome and can be made fullscreen by pressing "F11"

Some of these games are accessible on an iPad. If you wish to add the game as an app on the iPads home screen follow the instructions listed here

Tweenie Clock

Motivate any avid Tweenie fan to move onto the next task by using this special 'Tweenie Clock'. Simply select the option you want the clock to stop on and then press go to spin the clock.

Samir's Quiz

Designed to be used with visually impaired students who love to play quiz games. Input your quiz questions, answers and mark each correct answer. The text in each round can be read out by the computer by pressing 'speak'.

Snake Eyes

A simple mouse skills game. Use the mouse to move the snake around the screen and collect the apples. Careful you don't crash into yourself though! What's your high score?.

Air Hockey

An air-hockey game designed to be used with touch screens. Encourage student turn-taking and group participation by playing with 2 players at a time.

Gaze Beat

A sipmle drum kit that can be used with either a mouse or via eye gaze set to mouse emulation.

Human Body Game

This game helps support understanding around human anatomy. Try taking it in turns with students to identify different parts of the human body.

Bodger Maze

Guide Badger through the maze using the arrow keys for a 30 second clip of Bodger & Badger. Helps with engagement whilst using a computer.

Flappy Gaze

A simple eye gaze game based on the famous Flappy Bird app.

Ling Sounds

These sounds support with the beginnings of speech development.

Red Nose Photobooth

A red nose day themed activity that uses the computers webcam. Use the keyboard or a switch to add glasses, a wig or a red nose to a picture of your face.

Song & The Sea Touch Activity

A simple cause and effect touch screen activity inspired by the animated feature film The Song & The Sea.

6 Classic Music Choices

A choice of six classic songs that can be played simply by tapping on the corresponding picture. Good for early choice making and independence.

Maths Week Challenge

A game designed to celebrate maths week. See if you can complete the 9 rounds of maths puzzles

Maths Week Challege 2

Another game to celebrate maths week but this time aimed at students with higher sensory needs. Use either touch screen or a switch and practice counting

Pat's healthy eating game

Try feeding Postman Pat both healthy and unhealthy food. Eat too much bad stuff and Pat gets fat! Eat more good stuff and you're in for a surprise! 

Understanding Emotions (BETA)

Say what makes you happy, sad or angry in this interactive classroom activity

(BETA version does not currently allow editing of activities or student pictures)

Internet Safety Week 2018

Select your character and choose things that are safe to click on when online

Game created to celebrate safer internet day 2018

Maths Week Challenge 2018

To celebrate Maths week 2018

Click and drag to measure the objects on screen

Visual Timer

A visual timer used to help students differentiate between 'Work Time and 'Choose Time'

Litter Picking

See how many pieces of litter you can pick up within 60 seconds!

Maths Week 2019

Take part in Maths Week 2019 by playing 'Number Thrill'. Use your mouse or a touch screen to drag the blocks and make a row of exactly 10